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The most sophisticated investors trust our research.
Discover why.

At The European Investor, we have a simple mission: we help our readers compose a highly-profitable portfolio by identifying the best stocks and opportunities in Europe.


  • Each month, we identify and recommend at least 5 high-potential stocks, and send them directly to your inbox.

  • Our recommendations are crystal-clear, and include precise entry and exit points. You always know in advance when to buy, and when to sell.

  • Our performances rank among the (very) best in the industry, with an average return of 6,8% a year, and 71% of our picks returning a profit after 12 months.

  • Our methodology is uncommon: our research models use consensus data and dividends expectations to identify high quality stocks in all markets conditions.

Recent Examples

Beyonds theory, here is a sample of recent recommendations we published, complete with entry dates and actual 1-year results:

    Market: Frankfurt - Ticker: DTE
    Entry date: January 2, 2023
    12-Month Return: +15,1%

    Market: Madrid - Ticker: LOG
    Entry date: October 24, 2022
    12-Month Return: +14,6%

    Market: Frankfurt - Ticker: CBK

    Entry date: September 26, 2022
    12-Month Return: +17,8%

    Market: Paris - Ticker: RNO

    Entry date: September 26, 2022
    12-Month Return: +20,4%

    Market: Paris - Ticker: RI

    Entry date: July, 2022
    12-Month Return: +10,1% 

    Market: Frankfurt - Ticker: BEI

    Entry date: June 6, 2022
    12-Month Return: +16,8%

Of course, this is just a sample, visit our Track Record page to access the complete list of stocks we recommended since 2016.

Why our Research?

60+ Stock Picks each Year

We recommend at least 5 stocks each month, all selected from Europe's most active exchanges (Paris, London, Milan, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt...)

Outstanding Results

Between 2016 and 2023, our picks offered an average annual return of +6,8%. In addition, 71% of positions ended up returning a profit.


All our stock picks are published with a predefined price target. Selling part of your position on this target reduces global risk and increases profit frequency.

Our Readers

The quality of our research and our ability to consistently identify high-quality stocks has cemented our reputation among highly sophisticated investors, and we are proud to count readers within organisations like:

What makes our clients stick with us?
The performance and diversification offered by our selections (obviously), but also the clarity our of recommendations and our absolute dedication to transparency.

Frequent Questions

Which european exchanges are you monitoring?

We select 60+ stocks per year, listed on 10 major exchanges: Paris, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Madrid, Lisbon and Helsinki.

On what format will I receive your research?
Directly by email, in a clear and concise PDF format designed to be legible on all screen formats.

Do you provide an intermediate price targets for each pick?

Yes, we provide a target for each signal, as our data demonstrates that consistent profit-taking improves risk/reward ratio of a portfolio.

What is the duration of your signals?

12 months for all direct recommendations. of course, most intermediate price targets are reached several months before that cut-off date.

How does your approach perform during bear markets?

Although European stocks are slightly less volatile than US stocks, they still regularlyface rough patches. Our selections incurr losses too, but our intermediate price targets often help limit damages to your portfolio.

Are your historical performances verifiable?

Of course! You can find the complete list of our past picks on our Track Record page.

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