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About Us

At The European Investor, we have one goal: identifying the best stocks Europe has to offer to help you build a profitable and robust portfolio.


To find the most promising companies, we use advanced, consensus-driven quantitative models designed to continuously evaluate, compare and rank hundreds of stocks. 

You can learn all abou
t our approach on our methodology page but before doing that, give us a minute to introduce ourselves:

Alexis Davidovic - The European Investor

Alexis Davidovic is our editorial chief, responsible for our reasearch and market strategy. He is also a consultant and analyst in the banking sector, with over 15 years of experience in financial risk management, data analysis and financial communication in large banking institutions. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Management (ICHEC Brussels) and a master’s degree in Financial Risk Management (St-Louis University Brussels).


You can find Alexis on Linkedin or use our contact form: 

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Sarah T. Nguyen is an independant financial analyst, advisor and wealth manager, in charge of client relations and client portfolios. She specializes in high net worth individuals and family offices. Earlier in her career, she spent over 15 years in leadership positions at Citigroup, most recently as head of international equities desk. Among several academic achievements, she earned an MBA from NYU Stern and is a CFA charterholder.

Now, why do (smart) investors trust us?

  • We have hands-on market experience. We've been in the markets for a long time and helped countless investors build a profitable portfolio. We know how complex it can be, and we know how to help.

  • We get great results, and publish them. The performances of all the Top-Ranked stocks we identify are visible on our Track Record page, which is updated every month.

  • We identify at least 5 promising stocks each month. That's 60+ top-ranked companies per year, more than enough to diversify every type of portfolio and adapt to every investment strategy.

  • We integrate diligent risk management at every step of our process. And all our stock selections come with a predefined price target, which encourage investors progressively reduce exposure and take profit on winning positions.

  • Our readers are particulartly sophisticated investors, among which many finance professionals, but also executives, entrepreneurs, academics and family offices. Their common trait? They all understand that European markets have a lot to offer.

  • We find opportunities everywhere in Europe. Most researchers will limit themselves to companies listed in London, Paris and Frankfurt. But trust our experience (and our data), there is also money to be made in Helsinki, Brussels, Lisbon, etc.

  • We are 100% independent. We never accepted money from advertisers or commissions from vendors, and are not affiliated with any financial service company. This means that we built our success exclusively on the quality of our research and the satisfaction of our readers.

  • We know (and love) European companies. In large part because they are (typically) less volatile than their american counterparts and that they (generally) offer greater dividends. Both those aspects notably improve risk management and portfolio robustness.


Now, for some less-known facts and quirks about us:

  • We actually started out in 2016 as a French-speaking publication, called “L’Investisseur Actif”. Over the years, as our readership grew increasingly international, we progressively transitioned to the English-first structure.

  • Similarly, we were not purely focused on Europe when we launched. Our selections also included American stocks. Here again, experience showed that our readers had an appetitie for diversified European companies, so we made it our niche.

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